About The Author

Quick facts about the author

My name is Thomas James and I write all the articles on Implicate Evolution.

I completed my first novel in March, 2010 and started Implicate Evolution in June 2010.  I have an avid interest in self-help literature and other resources, fiction of all kinds, video games, photography and swimming.

So who are you, exactly?

For a very long time I stumbled through life feeling purposeless and lost, and feeling as if there was very little point in existing.  In my early twenties I had somewhat of a personal epihphany, spurred on by a personal loss.   Since then I have become somewhat of an existentialist and dedicated to the growth and evolution of the self.  My goal is to achieve all I can in life, and help my readers do the same.

Why am I qualified to publish personal growth material?  Truthfully, there is no reason other than that I believe that people can achieve a great deal if properly motivated and that I am a capable motivator.  I’ve made a commitment to myself that anything I publish on this website will be based purely out of personal experience: Meaning everything you read here will have been tried and tested by myself, and will have worked for me.  If I have a theory about growth in a certain topic, I will absolutely test it first before posting about it.

This entire site is for me as much as it is for you.  As a human being, I need encouragement as much as the next person and for me, writing about problems I’ve struggled with and the solutions to said problems encourages me to keep evolving and improving, as I hope it does for you as well.

Enjoy your stay!

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