About The Website

Implicate Evolution began its life in June 2010

It was created for the sole purpose of the personal growth of both its author and its readers.

The reason for the name “Implicate Evolution”

The name of the website stems from its purpose.  The word ‘Implicate’ was chosen due to an interpretation of David Bohm’s research on Quantum Mechanics.  Bohm described reality as having two seperate orders:  The first order he called the Explicate order, which is the everyday reality that we perceive through our senses.  It is what we would typically define as reality.

On the other hand he proposed that there was such a thing as an Implicate order, in which time and space were no longer the defining relationship between entities.  In the Implicate, there are many things that can be manipulated and changed by an individual that would simply not be possible in the Explicate order.

Bohm further stated that the Implicate was in fact the ‘deeper’ order and that everything we perceive in the explicate is direvative from the implicate.  The purpose of IEvo is to make positive changes that are lasting and make a difference; changes in the core of both yourself and reality, which is why the word Implicate was chosen.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bohm’s work, I highly suggest picking up a copy of The Holographic Universe. It talks about both the science and the implications of Bohm’s research, along with many other studies that lend the holographic universe model credence. It is a fascinating read and a major inspiration for the site.

The word evolution is self-explanatory.  To change, evolve and better oneself through growth.

Thus the name Implicate Evolution was born.

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