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It Doesn’t Need to be Perfect – Part 2

If you missed part 1, not to worry.  You can find it here. — A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault. –John Henry Newman — Welcome back!  In part 2 I’ll be discussing perfectionism in relationships and perfectionism of the self, as well as how you can avoid the trap of perfectionism if it’s preventing you from advancing... read more

It Doesn’t Need to be Perfect – Part 1

This article is a two-parter.  The next part is already up!  You can find it here. — The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. –Anna Quindlen — Perfectionism in work Perfectionism is a strange creature to be sure.  For some, perfectionism seems to be somewhat of a friendly giant.  It causes them... read more

Fear is Prohibitive to Life: How to Move Past it

The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear– fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.  What he wants above everything else is safety. –Henry Louis Mencken — Fear is probably the most common factor in stagnation of the self.  It can be paralysing, long-lasting and will ultimately hold you back from doing what you want to do with your life.  Pushing through your... read more

Take What You Want Seriously and it Will Become a Reality

Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; while others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than before. –Polybius — ‘I take my goals seriously!’ you say defiantly.  Well, okay, maybe you do.  But lots of people don’t.  And it’s a very fine line between thinking you take your goals... read more

The secret to quitting smoking, from someone who did it.

One thousand American’s quit smoking every day– by dying. –Author Unknown — Before I write anything I want to make it very clear that I was a smoker for the better part of two years and that my exeperience with quitting is likely to be wildly different (read, ‘easier’) than someone who has been smoking for thirty years plus.  Nonetheless, I believe that no matter how... read more
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