Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the name Implicate Evolution from?

You can find the explanation about the website’s name on the About The Website page.

I had this great idea for an article, can I e-mail it to you?

Sure!  There’s no guarantee I will post about it, as I won’t post about anything I don’t have experience with or know enough about to make an informed article.  That said, I love hearing suggestions from those who actually read the site, and often there are clarifications that many people would like that I simply won’t have thought to post about.  So, e-mail away!  Just don’t take it as a promise that I’ll post about the topic you’ve e-mailed.

Have you ever thought of putting up a forum?

I have, but I decided against it.  While it would be great for people who are focused on bettering themselves to get together and get advice from one another, there are plenty of other websites that provide such outlets if you are so inclined.  I want IEvo to be a focused website with an expected level of quality to the advice and content you can find here, and unfortunately a forum would compromise that.

I also don’t believe in sensoring people’s forum posts, yet if I were to put up a forum there is bound to be a lot of advice that I simply do not agree with.  As, again, IEvo is all about advice that has been tesed and is useful/will provide a tangible benefit to people’s lives, a forum would compromise that.

I found a problem with your site/dead link/glitch, can I contact you?

Feel free to send me an e-mail at and I’ll see what I can do about it.

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